Why Use a USCIS Translation Service?

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) imposes stringent criteria that your documents must adhere to for your application to be considered. Our service is designed to ensure that your paperwork not only meets but exceeds these standards, offering an unparalleled level of precision and compliance. We specialize in navigating the complex landscape of USCIS regulations, providing you with expert translation services that enhance the credibility and acceptability of your documents. Trust us to be your partner in this critical process, where accuracy and adherence to official requirements are paramount.

Higher Levels of Accuracy

At Connected Translation, we only provide services completed by certified translators. This ensures that all of your official immigration documents are 100% accurate, meaning there are no grammatical mistakes or misinterpretations. This makes you appear much more trustworthy to the USCIS and can help your applications.

Accepted Applications

A problem that many people seem to suffer from when applying for immigration through the USCIS is that they often have their applications rejected due to a lack of information or bad translations. At Connected Translation, we specialize in USCIS compliant translation services designed to elevate the likelihood of your application's acceptance.

Compliance with Regulations

The USCIS is extremely strict about its rules and regulations regarding immigration applications. Therefore, you need to be careful with the documents you provide them. With a USCIS translation from Connected Translation, we guarantee that your documents will meet all regulations, helping make the process easier.

Peace of Mind

The immigration process through the USCIS can be extremely stressful, and we want to ease some of your burden. By providing you with a USCIS translation certificate, you know that you’re receiving the very best, so you can rest assured that there will be no errors in your application.

Look No Further for USCIS Translation

Too many people rely on the help of their neighbors and friends to translate their official immigration documents, but the problem is that they don’t know how to keep cultural nuances accurately. With a USCIS translation certificate, you can rest assured that there are zero errors in the final result, helping you go through the immigration process much more seamlessly. You don’t have to look any further than Connected Translation.

How to Get Started

Trust our outstanding document translations in over 90 languages, ensuring your message reaches every corner of the world. Our commitment to data protection, seamless accessibility, and 24/7 customer support make us the ultimate translation partner. Get ready to unlock a world of possibilities with Connected Translation!


Provide us with your content

Upload the content you wish for us to translate via our website.


Select the language and content source

Provide us with some additional information, such as your industry, the language you wish to translate from and to, and the content source of your translation.


Complete your purchase

We offer affordable and competitive prices to ensure you can receive quality translations without breaking the bank. Enter your payment details to complete your purchase.


Download and enjoy the translation

Depending on the service you have chosen, you should receive your translation in no time.

Start Your New Project

Do you need help translating your USCIS documents? Connected Translation is waiting to provide you with a bespoke service that guarantees high levels of accuracy and reliability.

You can start your project with Connected Translation today by contacting one of our professional translators. They will happily go through your requirements and guide you through the translation process.


What Past Customers Think of our Document Translation Services:

“Connected Translation proved indispensable for my green card application, swiftly translating documents for USCIS with accuracy. Their efficient and accurate service alleviated my stress, ensuring the success of my application. I'm immensely grateful for their dedication, which made the entire process seamless. I highly recommend Connected Translation to fellow immigrants who need to complete USCIS applications. They're a reliable ally in overcoming language barriers and assisting with immigration processes. Thank you for being an invaluable partner on my journey to a better future.”

- Carlos P., Construction Worker

“As a solicitor who works on many immigration cases, I have noticed the strong need for a good USCIS translation service to help my clients with their documents. Connected Translation has become a strong partner I can rely on, and it has helped me be able to assist many people in getting their applications approved. I couldn’t be more grateful for their help and definitely recommend them.”

- Jordan D., Attorney at Law

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a certified USCIS translation?

You require a certified translation for all USCIS matters because it guarantees you’ll be receiving a document that is completely accurate and reliable. If your document doesn’t meet the strict rules and regulations of the USCIS, it may get rejected and, therefore, put a halt in the process.

What documents can you translate?

At Connected Translation, we offer translations for all official documents in relation to the USCIS. We can translate the content from anything like a birth certificate to an entire immigration application. If you’re unsure of whether we can translate your document, simply talk to one of our experts before starting your project.

What languages do you offer translations in?

You name a language, and Connected Translation offers it. We have a huge linguistic repertoire that you can choose from, which consists of over 80 languages. You can choose from common languages such as English, Mandarin, Spanish, and French, or you can opt for a lesser-known language if that is what you require.

Do you offer online USCIS document translation?

Yes! All of our translations can be requested through our online website. All you have to do is request your translation after signing up for an account, and we’ll ask you to submit the document you want to be translated. You can choose the specific service you require and make requests, and we will get the job done within your timeframe.

How long do your translations take?

How long your USCIS translation takes will depend on a number of factors, including the size of the document, how many documents you want to translated, and your timeframe require. If you need an urgent translation, we offer same-day services for an additional cost, which you can request when we start your project.

Do USCIS translations need to be notarized?

No, USCIS translation documents don’t need to be notarized. However, we still offer the service upon request to ensure a higher level of reliability and show the USCIS that you are meeting rules and regulations.
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