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Don't just take our word for it here's what our clients have to say about their experience with Connected Translation:

"Connected Translation has transformed the way we do business globally. The accuracy and speed of their document translations have been a game-changer for us."

- John T. CEO, E-Commerce

"Connected Translation has truly surpassed my expectations across the board. Whether it's a commercial, legal, financial, USCIS, ATA, or any other translation project, they consistently offer the best solution. Their team of professional translators delivers top-notch quality with remarkable speed, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in every translation. What's more, their dedication to great customer service is unparalleled. They go above and beyond to meet my needs promptly and accurately. And the best part? All of this comes at affordable prices. If you're looking for quality, speed, and exceptional customer service at a reasonable cost, look no further than Connected Translation."

- Maria T., Operations Manager

Top Industries

Breaking Boundaries with document translation


Our certified translation services ensure precise communication of legal documents, financial reports, contracts, and more, facilitating seamless collaborations and transactions across language barriers.


Access to medical information should not be hindered by language barriers. Our medical document translation service eliminates linguistic obstacles in healthcare, enabling effective communication between medical professionals and patients, regardless of their native languages.


Our certified translations ensure accurate communication of academic documents, such as transcripts, diplomas, and research papers, facilitating smooth collaborations across language barriers.


Our certified translation services ensure accurate communication of financial reports and other documents, facilitating seamless collaborations and transactions across language barriers.

Software & Apps

Expand your e-commerce empire beyond local markets by translating software and apps.

What Makes Us Different

With numerous translation services in the market, you might wonder what sets Connected Translation apart from the rest. Here's why our platform stands head and shoulders above the competition:

  • ∙ Certified Translation

    Our certified translations are backed by advanced technology, ensuring unparalleled accuracy. Continuously evolving, our technology leads the document translation revolution.

  • ∙ Cost-Effective Solutions

    With Connected Translation, you can save significantly without compromising quality. Our certified translations enable us to offer competitive pricing, making professional translation accessible to businesses of all sizes.

  • ∙ Unmatched Scalability

    As your business expands, so does your need for translation services. Connected Translation can handle high volumes of translation requests without sacrificing speed or quality. We grow with you, ensuring language barriers never limit your global ambitions.

Top Services

At Connected Translation, we take pride in providing top-notch services
that make document translation easier and better than ever before.

Website Translation

Enhance your global presence with our website translation service. Whether it's e-commerce platforms, informational websites, or interactive web applications, our translation service enables businesses to deliver a personalized and user-friendly experience, making their content accessible and impactful worldwide.

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Medical Translation

Our medical translation service empowers healthcare professionals worldwide to deliver accurate and compassionate care to diverse patient populations.

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Certified Translation

Break down language barriers with our certified translation service. The power of communication knows no bounds, and our certified translations are at the forefront of ensuring accurate and reliable communication.

Translation Software

Our translation software is a valuable tool in today's interconnected world, empowering users to transcend language barriers, embrace diversity, and forge meaningful connections across cultures and continents.

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In a world that's more interconnected than ever, it's crucial for businesses to break language barriers and communicate effectively with international audiences. Our certified translations cater to a wide range of industries, empowering them to connect with their target markets effortlessly.

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