Guaranteeing Quality Every Time

Our translators at Connected Translation provide quality official translations with a focus on accuracy.

Translations can be tricky, so you can’t just ask a friend or family member to help you out. With a certified professional, you can submit your official documents with peace of mind, knowing they’ll be error-free and retain the same message as the original content. At Connected Translation, we put a huge emphasis on quality and reliability, ensuring you’re completely satisfied with your official translations every time.

Why Opt For Official Translations?

Never worry about any errors again, as official translations are 100% accurate.

Accurate and Reliable

At Connected Translation, we pride ourselves on providing clients with 100% accurate and reliable translations. This means you never have to fear that any of your official documents will have an error or that you’ll have to start all over again with another translator. You can have peace of mind that your content has its intended meaning with no misunderstandings.

Global Acceptance

Official translations are globally accepted, making it easier for you to promote your content on a wider scale. Or, if you need a legal document translated, you can rely on it being used in various countries. Either way, the translations we offer are known worldwide, ensuring you can present documents internationally without any red tape or issues.

Completely Compliant

Certain institutions or organizations around the world have specific requirements that submitted documents or translations need to meet. Fortunately, with an official translation from Connected Translation, they meet all the standards and regulations of these institutions. We ensure every piece of content is completely understandable and compliant with local rules.

Stamp of Authenticity

If accuracy and understanding aren’t enough from our official translations, you also get a stamp of authenticity as they are all done by certified experts. This shows you and the institution you might be submitting it to that the document is credible. It makes any legal process easier while also providing you with peace of mind that you have a reliable translation.

Client Reviews

What our past clients have to say about our official translations

Connected Translation's official translation service surpassed my expectations. Their attention to detail and accuracy in translating legal documents was exceptional. The certified translation they provided not only met, but exceeded the requirements of the authorities. Their professionalism and prompt delivery were truly commendable."

- Maria Rodriguez, Marketing Manager at Global Travel Adventures

"I needed an official English to German translator for several documents to support my international applications. Connected Translation not only delivered flawlessly translated materials but also provided excellent guidance on country-specific requirements. Thanks to their reliable service, I could confidently submit my documents worldwide without any hassle."

- Mark Anderson, Travel Blogger

"I was in a quandary to get a legal document translated urgently for an upcoming legal procedure, so I looked for official translators near me. Connected Translation's team not only assured me of a quick turnaround but also delivered a meticulously translated document that met all legal standards. I'm incredibly grateful for their expertise and would undoubtedly recommend them for any official translation needs."

- John Thompson, CEO of Global E-Commerce Solutions

How to Get Started

Trust our outstanding document translations in over 90 languages, ensuring your message reaches every corner of the world. Our commitment to data protection, seamless accessibility, and 24/7 customer support make us the ultimate translation partner. Get ready to unlock a world of possibilities with Connected Translation!


Provide us with your content

Upload the content you wish for us to translate via our website.


Select the language and content source

Provide us with some additional information, such as your industry, the language you wish to translate from and to, and the content source of your translation.


Complete your purchase

We offer affordable and competitive prices to ensure you can receive quality translations without breaking the bank. Enter your payment details to complete your purchase.


Download and enjoy the translation

Depending on the service you have chosen, you should receive your translation in no time.

Start Your New Project

Are you ready for an official translation that is completely accurate and provides you with peace of mind? The translators at Connected Translation are ready to help you and can get started whenever you want.

To start your new project with us, you just need to contact one of our experts, and we will go through all our translation options with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What languages do you offer official translations in?

Connected Translation takes pride in its expansive language options, encompassing over 80 languages. From widely spoken languages like English, Spanish, Mandarin, and Arabic to less common dialects, we cover a vast linguistic library to meet diverse client needs.

How do you ensure accuracy in official translations?

Our commitment to accuracy begins with our team. We handpick native-speaking translators proficient in specific fields, ensuring linguistic fluency and subject matter expertise. Each translation undergoes meticulous proofreading and quality checks by experienced professionals, adhering strictly to industry standards and guidelines.

What types of official documents do you translate?

At Connected Translation, we specialize in an extensive array of official documents, including but not limited to legal contracts, birth certificates, marriage licenses, immigration papers, academic transcripts, and medical records. We handle each document with the utmost care, maintaining confidentiality and precision.

How long does an official translation near me take?

The turnaround time for official translations depends on several factors, such as document complexity, length, and language pair. Typically, our proficient team ensures completion within a window of 1 to 5 business days, striving to meet urgent requirements promptly and accurately.

Are your official translations certified or notarized?

Yes, upon request, we offer certified or notarized translations that comply with legal standards. Our meticulously prepared certifications ensure the authenticity and acceptance of the translated documents by relevant authorities and institutions.

Can you handle urgent translation requests for official documents?

Definitely! We understand the urgency often associated with official documents. We offer expedited services tailored to urgent requests, maintaining our commitment to accuracy and quality even under tight deadlines.

How secure is your handling of confidential documents?

Confidentiality is important in our work. Connected Translation employs robust security measures and strict protocols to safeguard all client documents throughout the translation process. Our systems are designed to ensure maximum confidentiality and protection of sensitive information.
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