What USCIS-Certified Translations Offer

Meeting the Strict Standards of the USCIS Through Accurate Translations of Official Documents.

Accuracy and Compliance

Certified translation for USCIS ensures that all your official documents, such as birth certificates, marriage licenses and academic transcripts, are completely accurate. This complies with the regulations of the USCIS and ensures that whoever reviews your application understands it as it was originally intended.

Accepted by Authorities

Unlike translation from your bilingual neighbor, our USCIS-certified translation services are accepted by immigration authorities. This ensures your application is processed with less hassle, and you can have peace of mind that your green card or citizenship application meets the required standards.

Legally Valid

For a document to be used officially, it needs to meet a certain level of accuracy. Unfortunately, some translations don’t always convey the original information in the same way. With a USCIS-certified translation, you can rest assured that it will reflect the original message, guaranteeing its legality and legitimacy for official use.

Streamlined Process

Immigration applications or other matters related issues can be stressful, so the last thing you want is to wait a long time for a response. Luckily, USCIS-certified translations can expedite your application process as there are fewer errors and setbacks that may happen with improperly translated documents.

Why are USCIS-Certified Translations Important?

Immigration processes can cause a lot of stress and confusion, and that’s because the USCIS is incredibly strict with what they accept in terms of documents. There cannot be any errors in official paperwork, such as birth certificates and marriage licenses, as this will be a setback in your application. USCIS-certified translations guarantee complete accuracy and zero errors, ensuring your immigration journey is a smooth one.

How to Get Started

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Complete your purchase

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Download and enjoy the translation

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Start Your New Project

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What Past Customers Think of our Certified USCIS Document Translation Services:

“I was anxious about the accuracy of my green card application documents. Connected Translation's USCIS-certified translations were a lifesaver! The precision and attention to detail in their work gave me confidence. My application process went smoothly, all thanks to their professional service.”

- John T., CEO, IT Company

“I had urgent immigration paperwork requiring translation, and Connected Translation came through with flying colors. Their USCIS-certified translation was not just accurate but also expedited my application process. I highly recommend their services for anyone navigating the complexities of U.S. immigration.”

- Jordan D., Attorney at Law

“As an international student, I needed my academic records translated for my visa application. I looked for a USCIS-certified translation near me, and Connected Translation's translations were impeccable. Their dedication to accuracy and their understanding of the USCIS standards made the entire process hassle-free. I got my visa without any issues — thank you!”

- Jennifer B., Higher Education Institution

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a certified USCIS translation?

Certified USCIS translation refers to a translated document meeting specific requirements set by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for official use in immigration applications. It involves a translation that's accurate and complete, and bears a certificate of accuracy by a professional translator or translation agency.

Why is a certified translation necessary for USCIS?

Certified translation is necessary for USCIS to ensure that documents submitted in a foreign language are accurately translated into English, helping officers understand the information provided and make informed decisions on immigration applications.

What qualifies a translation as USCIS-certified?

USCIS-certified translation is completed by a professional translator proficient in both the source and target languages. The translated document must be accompanied by a signed statement of accuracy attesting to the translator's qualifications and the completeness and accuracy of the translation.

Who can provide USCIS certified translations?

Certified USCIS translations are typically provided by recognized translation agencies employing experienced and certified translators proficient in both the source and target languages, ensuring accuracy and adherence to USCIS standards.

What documents typically require USCIS-certified translations?

USCIS generally requires certified translations of essential documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, academic transcripts, and other official records that are not in English.

How long does a USCIS-certified translation near me take?

The time required for USCIS-certified translations varies based on document complexity, language pairs, and volume. At Connected Translation, our aim is to deliver accurate USCIS-compliant translations promptly while maintaining high standards.

Are online USCIS-certified translations accepted?

Yes, USCIS accepts both physical and electronic versions of certified translations as long as they meet the specified standards, ensuring authenticity, accuracy, and adherence to USCIS requirements.

Does USCIS require notarization for translations?

No, USCIS doesn't mandate notarization for certified translations. Instead, a signed statement of accuracy by the translator or translation agency confirming the accuracy and completeness of the translation suffices.
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