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Connected Translation Helps Anyone who Needs a Translation, and Here Are Just Some of The Cities we Serve:

Document Translation Services Chicago

Chicago may be a city in the United States, but it is bustling with many cultures and nationalities. Due to this, we understand that many people may need document translation for USCIS or various other sectors. That’s why we have a hub set up, especially for the residents of Chicago, to help them with their translation needs.

Document Translation Services Dallas

You never have to look up how to translate legal documents when you live in Dallas, as the experts at Connected Translation are here to help. We offer legal document translation services and translations that serve various other industries. So, if you need a translation that benefits your Dallas business or an individual, we’re your go-to.

Document Translation Services Houston

Houston is a lucky city because it has bespoke document translations services available on their doorstep. Whether you’ve just moved to the city and you need an online Polish document translation for your medical records, or you want to reach a global audience outside of Houston, we guarantee accurate results that you can rely on.

Document Translation Services NYC

The big apple is one of the most popular cities in the world, so there’s no surprise that Connected Translation helps a wide range of clients from New York City. Whether you need a notarized translation of documents for the Supreme Court or you’re trying to put your content up in lights in Times Square, our experts are always on hand to help.

Accuracy Above Everything

Our Dedication to Provide you with Accurate and Reliable Translations Is at the Heart of What we Do.

When it comes to translation services, you never know what you’re going to get. You may receive something that looks like it makes sense, but there are actually various cultural nuances that are incorrect. At Connected Translation, this is never the case with our services. We only use certified translators to work on your documents, and we ensure that they are 100% accurate and understood by your desired audience.

How to Get Started

Trust our outstanding document translations in over 90 languages, ensuring your message reaches every corner of the world. Our commitment to data protection, seamless accessibility, and 24/7 customer support make us the ultimate translation partner. Get ready to unlock a world of possibilities with Connected Translation!


Provide us with your content

Upload the content you wish for us to translate via our website.


Select the language and content source

Provide us with some additional information, such as your industry, the language you wish to translate from and to, and the content source of your translation.


Complete your purchase

We offer affordable and competitive prices to ensure you can receive quality translations without breaking the bank. Enter your payment details to complete your purchase.


Download and enjoy the translation

Depending on the service you have chosen, you should receive your translation in no time.

Start Your New Project

Are you ready for a documents translation that will help put you ahead and speed up processes? At Connected Translation, we’re committed to providing you with 100% accurate translations you can rely on.

We can translate and notarize a document for you within your timeframe; you just need to get in touch. One of our experts will be happy to talk to you.

Why Choose Document Translation?

Helping you Speed Up Legal, Medical, and Educational Processes with Cheap Document Translation Services

Better Communication

If you ever find yourself visiting another country and need something like a marriage or birth certificate translation document, Connected Translation can help. It will make processes go faster for you, and you’ll be able to communicate better with various professionals. Doctors will thoroughly understand your medical history, and you’ll have all your essential documents ready if someone needs them.

Wider Audience

Connected Translation to help you reach a wider audience. You can take your business global by allowing potential customers from other customers to understand your marketing materials and have better access to your products and services.

Legal Compliance

When you receive a document language translation from Connected Translation, you can rest assured that it meets all the legal regulations of various countries. We only put your documents in the hands of certified translators who follow a seamless process that ensures you receive accurate content that complies with all regulations.

Improved Reputation

Whether you’re trying to boost your business’s reach or you’re going through a lengthy legal process, having quality document translations can give you a better reputation. You gain the trust of those who are reading your translated documents, helping you gain more customers or speed up other industry processes you’re going through.


What Past Customers Think of our Document Translation Services:

After looking for a document translation near me, I came across Connected Translation. From the moment I got in touch with one of the experts to the delivery of my translated documents, I was kept in constant communication about the process. I felt heard and was left with a fantastic final result that is allowing me to finalize my immigration process.”

- Maria D., CFO de International Bank Group

“My company is starting to go global, and we needed a legal document translation Spanish to English to help with some of our processes. Connected Translation was an absolute godsend as they were able to handle some of our tricky requests. They maintained a high level of professionalism the entire time, and we’ll definitely be using their foreign document translation services in the future.”

- Jordan D., Attorney at Law

“After finding myself abroad and suffering from a surfing accident, I was rushed to hospital with doctors and nurses who didn’t understand my medical records. Luckily, I found Connected Translation’s medical document translation services, and they were able to get my medical records back to me, fully translated, in just a day! I was amazed by their seamless process and highly recommend them.”

- Jennifer B., Higher Education Institution

Documents We Translate

Same Day Document Translation that Serves a Wide Range of Industries

Legal Document Translation

Professional document translation is extremely important in the legal industry. This is because you need a wide range of official documents translated with complete accuracy, or they might get rejected. At Connected Translation, our certified experts translate anything from certificates to licenses, ensuring they reflect the same content as the original.

Medical Document Translation

The last thing you need when you’re in a new area is to fall ill and have doctors who do not understand your medical records. Luckily, at Connected Translation, we have the expertise to seamlessly translate documents such as patient records and medication information to help out both doctors and patients.

Academic Document Translation

Many people decide to study abroad, but the main issue these students often face is language barriers. However, with Connected Translation’s document translation service, this doesn’t have to be a problem anymore. Our trained translators have the know-how to translate anything from research papers to academic transcripts to help you out.

Business Document Translation

Growing your business is one of the most crucial goals of any company, and often, this includes reaching a more global market. However, you need to translate some of your marketing materials so your new customer base can understand your offerings. No matter the content, we can translate it with complete accuracy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your process for ensuring accuracy in your document translations?

We follow a solid process for all of our document translations, ensuring you receive a final result with zero errors. It starts with using a certified expert to work on your document. This is followed by thorough proofreading and quality checks by another professional, ensuring it meets all industry standards and guidelines.

Do you translate documents for immigration?

Yes, we do! At Connected Translation, we will translate any official document. If you need help translating documents for immigration, our experts are well-versed in the process and can offer professional assistance.

What languages do you offer in your document translation services near me?

At Connected Translation, we have experts who cover over 80 different languages for our translations. We can translate all the widely spoken languages, such as English and Spanish, but we also serve lesser-known dialects to help meet all of our customers' needs.

How long will it take to translate a document near me?

How long your document translation takes will depend entirely on the bulk of the content and the service you have chosen. If you’re in a hurry, we do offer same-day translation for an additional cost that comes with the same level of accuracy as all our other services.

Do you notarize your document translations?

Yes, if you require your document translation to be notarized, we can offer this service to you. We have prepared certifications that comply with different regions’ legal standards and ensure the authenticity of your documents by various institutions.
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